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Oh my god, I love it! Mary's one lucky lady!

I want to knit one of those so badly. I just found this knitted cardi in Edinburgh at this little shop who's proceeds go to pets who need vets. It was 1.99 quid and it is the best knitted item ever complete with little knit roses of style. I shall post pictures when I return, even though I didn't make it. ;)


it looks really cool. if you had a pattern i'd want a copy.


very cool allison. i can totally picture marybess wearing it.


loves stop wearing it around town and get it to me pronto. I don't want it to become "the christmas gift my sister knit me and loved it so much she kept it" gift.


It is amazing Alison, so very very cool!


wow allie that turned out SO GOOD! im jealous of your skills - i am no where near your league.


Pls tell us what pattern you revised pls!
This is way too cute (your sis is so lucky)!


How do you know it would fit me? I never tried it.... you know me well enough to know that I wouldn't give it back, don't you? Yes, I am now responsible for that visual that you all have just had. But seriously, it rocks, and as a non-knitter, your latest completed WNLIP (work no longer in progress - yes, that's right, I do listen) is really really good.


Hola! Love that sweater for your sister. I think you have a terrific new talent. And Paige's sweater looks great too. I am looking forward to seeing her in it. I hope to see your holiday photos soon. As for my own, due to being totally tired and useless since the trip thanks to Montezuma, I have not even downloaded yet. Or even knit!! Have signed up for a few knitting lessons in a couple of weeks just to get me past a rough patch and force me to get knitting inspired again. Hope the interview went well. Anyway, you may have a future in fashion design.


uh-huh! i'm really impressed. did you change three things about the pattern? if so, then call it your own! (that's the requirement for recipe writting at least.)


that. is. wicked.

pretty please let us have your altered pattern.


It's awesome! I'm next in line for this pattern if you decide to share it. I love, love, LOVE it!

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